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Blowdry Bar & Express Styling

"Be Fabulous Fast"

Tresses Alive
Delaware's Premiere Blow Dry Bar & Express Styling Salon

We help busy professional women regain time in their day by offering express healthy salon solutions so that they can balance beauty & business without all the hassle.

Simplicity & beauty have merged together with affordable luxury and in half the time you would spend in full service salon. You will leave looking fabulous! No more excuses for a bad hair day.

  1. Services


    This is all we do! Choose the service that's best for you!

    Express blow & go Memberships

    (Memberships are charged monthly to your credit card and can be cancelled at anytime)
    For $87
    *2 blow & go's
    *2 steam treatments to go
    *Save $27

    Certified Organic Products
    Used on All services

    Thicker hair - $10 fee added

    More simple solutions
    Coming soon!

    Appetizers To Go

    Steam treatments & go .....$15
    Trim & go .....$15
    cut & go .....$15

    Entree's To Go

    Blow & go .....$47
    (blowdry & style)
    Wrap & go .....$47
    (Wrap & style)
    Roll & go .....$47
    Relax & go .....$70
    (Relaxer touch up)

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  3. Testimonials

    Mission Statement

    Our promise is to provide each client at every visit with exceptional customer service and appealing prices for any budget,along with the best certified organic products that contain nutrients to help rebuild, restore, revitalize and maintain the health of the hair. All services will be rendered in a timely & efficient manner, because we believe your time belongs to you and helping you look and feel your best belongs to us. Your hair is our Passion.. Your results is our promise. Tresses Alive Blow dry bar & Express styling Salon will Guide you every step of the way to achieve your hair care goals.


    "Lori is an excellent stylist, she has a very calm demeanor that always puts me at ease as a client. She exudes passion and professionalism while styling my hair. Before becoming a Tresses Alive client, I would go into Philadelphia to a Dominican salon, they do not style short hair, and I recently got my hair cut by Tresses Alive Express Styling Salon. Lori does it all! I have been a client of hers for over two years, and I have always walked out of her salon feeling great!. She knows hair styles,trends, and also hair care which is very important. She is always fast (without rushing), reliable, friendly, and flexible. "
          ~Ayanna Moore-Avinger
          (Owner, Funcolorpalette)

    "Lori is an excellent hair stylist and every woman should have her on their beauty team. When I first went to her, my hair was damaged from heat and other chemical products, but within only a few months, she brought my hair back to life. Not only was it healthy again, but it had the body, bounce, and shine that I missed so much. As long as Lori is in business, I will remain a loyal client and hope that you choose to as well."
          ~Donye' M.

  4. Location


Phone: (302) 241-7057
Email: TressesAlive@gmail.com

Address: 166 S. DuPont Highway
Suite 509 (inside Salon Gallery)
New Castle, DE 19720

Hours of Operation

Sun-M: by Appt only extra fee may be charged
T: 10:00 am -3:00pm
W-Th: 9:00am-6:00pm
F: 9:00am-6:30pm
Sat: 6:00am -3:00pm

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Payment Options

Call regarding fees and payment options(Credit Cards Accepted)


Who Are You

You are a busy professional women who has to manage beauty & business to maintain a busy lifestyle & doesn't want to waste valuable time or hard earned money to do so.

Are you TIRED of spending all day in the salon?
Are you FRUSTRATED with the long waits?
Are you FED UP with spending too much money in a full service salon and not getting the results you desired?

Can you get excited about affordable luxury hair care, simple salon solutions and proven systems that will save you valuable time and money, and ultimately improve the health of your hair and scalp? It will create easy maintenance, and maximize results that you will want again and again!

Why Tresses Alive

Lori Tresses Alive owner
Lori Adkins - Owner

Tresses Alive is fully committed to help make your life easier..at least in the area of hair care.

We offer Certified Organic Products that we customized to fit your specific hair and scalp issues. They will revitalize, rejuvenate, repair and maintain the integrity, beauty and health of your hair and scalp to make you look and feel your absolute best!

We have an outstanding price point that is designed purposely to suit any budget... to look and feel your best shouldn't be a financial burden .

We respect your time and will insure your services will be rendered in a timely and efficient manner. By using exclusive organic products and keeping up with the latest & newest salon tools and techniques..your visits will be short,sweet and to the point. Long waits is now a thing of the past.

We look forward to making your life easier & guiding you every step of the way... Your hair is our Passion..Results Our Promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

      • Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
      • A: Cash, Visa, MC, Amex, Discover

      • Q: What is a membership?
      • A: A membership is a package we created for your hair care needs designed to fit your budget and life style. We offer 3 unique packages.

      • Q: What do you get in a membership?
      • A: Each package has its own perks and are packed full of time & money saving salon solutions. You can see more info about the memberships on the Services slide at the top.

      • Q: Can I use my own products if I really like them?
      • A: No, we prefer using our products they are great for all types of hair & scalp conditions... prescription shampoos may be considered.

      • Q: Do you treat damaged hair or dry scalp?
      • A: Yes we have organic treatments for damaged hair and scalp issues.

      • Q: Do you do natural hair?
      • A: Yes we do natural & chemically treated hair.

      • Q: Can I get in and out quickly?
      • A: Yes we value your time and we strive to serve everyone in a timely and efficient manner.